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Our sprinkle sweets


Steviola® Erythritol has about 70% of the sweetening power of sugar and is made from corn. Erythritol leaves a fresh taste in the mouth.

Our erythritol can be used like normal household granulated sugar.


Stevia is obtained from the plant stevia rebaudiana. The primitive peoples already knew the sweet secret. It took us a long time to rediscover it for ourselves.

Our Steviola® Stevia sprinkle sweetener is easy to use like sugar thanks to the special mixture with erythritol.


Xylitol is called the sugar substitute xylitol, an organic sugar alcohol (polyol). It is also called birch sugar because it is originally obtained from Finnish birch.

You can easily use our xylitol like sugar.

Thats what our customers say


The steviola sprinkled sweetener has a perfect sweetening power! You can use it like sugar and it has no calories!

Eva M.

Normally I don't like the taste of stevia that much, but with this product it was fine for me.

What's great is that you can dose it 1:1 like sugar and therefore don't have to convert baking recipes!

H. Flour

I bought the Xylit Light from Kaufland, it is a great alternative to xylitol because it has significantly fewer calories, but is not as cool as erythritol

Daniel P.

Very chocolaty, tastes very good in coffee!

S. Gardener

Feel free to use it in coldbrew or cold milk foam - sweet and vanilla!